Mold used to make the
toupee or wig.

Finished toupee.

How is the base of the toupee
with micro holes-

Detail of the center crown.

The finished hair length of this unit is 20 cm.

The weight of this unit is 70 grams.


Length: 21 cm

Width: 14 cm

Surface area: 294 cm2

Price – New order

From € 800,00 / CHF 800,00


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Delivery time
4 months from the order. The unit is only custom.

Repair orders

We can repair units made in other factories after a quality check by our technicians. We ask up to 30 days from the request to estimate if we can repair the order or not.

Price – Repair order
Quote after exam by our technicians.

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Price List

*F.O.B Switzerland